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Welcome to the livejournal community for Miyu Irino (or Irino Miyu, if you prefer). Miyu is a talented seiyuu, particularly famous for his roles in Tsubasa, Gundam 00, Spirited Away, Kingdom Hearts, and DNAngel, who has just produced his first album this year. This community is all about Miyu, be it icons, graphics, or simply just news and pictures.

rules and regulations
• One post per day, per member.
• With news, please check the 'news' tag to see if your news has already been posted! Likewise, please check the 'pictures' tag to see if they have been posted also.
• In regards to icons; you may post icons of both Miyu and the characters he's voiced - though we stress that these icons must, proportion wise, be of the character Miyu performed as. If you have ten Tsubasa icons, for example, and nine of them are Fai, it's not really Miyu-centric.
• Please check tags before asking or requesting something, it may have already been asked or fufilled!
• Large images should be behind an lj-cut. All video links should be behind an lj-cut. Even if we don't mind having large pictures of Miyu on our friends list in his full glory, it's just courtesy to cut it for slower connections.
• Use proper English where possible. We're not going to throw you out or anything, but it's just courteous to everyone.
• General conversation regarding Miyu, polls, and so on, are fine to do - in moderation.
• No bashing others or anything along those lines. We're all here because we love Miyu!
• Don't like Miyu? Simple. Don't join.
• No introductory posts, ie, of 'hi, my name is [name], i love miyu irino!', unless you have a point to them, like news sharing or graphics sharing!
• Posts public where possible, please. We're not aiming for elitism.
• Be sure to spread the Miyu love!

If you are planning to post a lot in a short space of time, please read here for the rules regarding that! This allows for a good archive source. Thank you.

Miyu's Roles (anime/video games)
Miyu's Singing (albums and album information)

Coming soon!

None at the moment! Feel free to ask about it on any post made by a mod.

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