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Miyu-Miyu's December 13, 19, 2016 and January 4, 2017 Blog Entry Translation

I don't really like translating warnings for live (it's hard to translate the part about "checking self"), but since the entries I missed are very important, I translated them even though it's late.

Junction Live Notice

Warnings Regarding to Junction Live vol.4 "Saint-Germain-des-Prés"

* No Waiting While Artists Enter or Exit
No waiting for the artists to enter or exit since it's a public area and people other than Junction are using it (That includes chasing for the artists).

Please follow the rules.

We don't accept all kinds of flowers (Stand flowers, arrangements, etc.) because the theater doesn't allow it.  We will be send back with notice if it got send.
Please be understanding.

*Presents, Letters
Please put them in the box written "presents on hold" at the lobby.
* We will not accept raw or hygiene related items.

There's no coin lockers there.
We cannot put things on hold for you, so please bring as little of bag as possible.
We do not allow the use of any cheer goods (pen lights, chemical light, fan, things that would make sound).
The machine will alarm for the bags with excessive metals, so please do not put too much metals.
When you have a hairstyle that goes up, the huge accessories or wearing the hat during the show will bother other audiences behind you, so prevent from wearing those.

Please be understanding and be cooperative.

Miyu Irino
Junction / Staff

Solo Live Notice

The special site for Solo live has opened!
The goods have been posted, so please check it out!!

There's requests to make regarding to the live this time, too.
Please check "Information" on the special site closely before coming to the live.
I took some very important parts from it in this blog.

All reflects my wish.  Please check them out.

1. Bouquets
We do not accept bouquets from regular people for both Osaka and Maihama shows.  That also goes to flower arrangements (flowers for backstages), and bouquets.  Please be understanding.
2. Bags and Attires
There's no lockers for everyone, so please avoid huge bags or put them at the coin lockers at the stations.

Please do not wear these following outfits or do hairstyles!

Excesive up style, or hat or hood, etc.

It would bother other audiences behind you.
3. Cheer Goods
We don't allow bright goods like pen lights and chemical light (Cyalume, etc.)!  That also goes to things that make sounds, fans, boards, etc.
4. Regarding to Entering
This is the most important thing!!

We request purchasers to cooperate in making sure the people entering are bought by self when entering to prevent from selling to others.
Please check the important items before entering (IDs).
Please check "Regarding to checking for self" part of the special site for more detail.

Please do not get the tickets from the auction (using illegal price)!

Borrowing of ID etc. is dangerous!!
Please do not do so!!
5. Regarding to Presents
We don't accept presents other than letters.
Please do not enclose the letters in the envelop, either.
6. Others
Please do not stay up late or doing some actions that would bother others around the stage (throw trash there or yell, etc.).

Please do not wait for artists when they enter or exit.

Let's have fun during the live while follow the rules.

Please check them out!!
All of the warnings are written on the special site, so please check it out as well.
Please be cooperative!

Very Important Wish from Miyu Irino

I will say it frankly.
Please do not sell the tickets to others.
Even if you have any reasons you have to.
I'm very sad.
To the extend that I cannot find words to.....

Even if you paid high price to come to the live,
You will have to have the ID (for Fan club pre-sold tickets) in order to enter the stage.

"To lend ID to others" etc. is also dangerous!
There is a chance you will be caught in the crime!
Please do not do so.

It was unfortunate to see these kind of people during the DTD release campaign this time.
Those who entered the event using some kind of way to fake the identity or going to do so.
I'm happy to hear that you want to enter no matter what.
But it's very sad to see those kind of people appearing.
It's rude to those fans who face to me properly...

I'm aware that you suddenly cannot go to the live even though you got the ticket.

For those people, fan club has a proper way to do so by using "Ticket Sharing".

Since it has happened, we feel that we have to strictly take care of things regarding to ID or others.
I didn't want to write about this here,
but have to.
Do not do such action.

The live this time will not be the lastのLive.
I would like to continue if everyone yearns so.
Therefore, please.

This goes to future events like stage, live, event, etc.

I want you to follow the rules.
Please be understand and be cooperative.
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