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Miyu-Miyu's January 9, 2016 Blog Entry Translation

January 9, 2017 was coming of age day for this year and Miyu-Miyu greeted the new adults.

To the New Adults

Congratulation to becoming adults.

It's not something I would tell every year, it might be a year that something that seems to be changing but not, seems to not change but change greatly.

Responsibility and freedom.
It's difficult, isn't it?
Each of us has different thoughts.
Not changed by those around us, either good or bad, please see, listen, and feel by yourself.
I think.
That doesn't matter with the age.

No matter you've been laughed or told impossible by others.

We should Try doing!
Don't give up on doing something you want, don't you think?

Let's dream boldly!

Have a nice day!!!

Congratulation^ ^
By the way, his Instagram account, which was limited time, ended.
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