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Miyu-Miyu's November 30, 2016 Blog Entry Translation

DARE TO DREAM has released and he got a big news to tell!

Celebration to Release Day

Everyone!  Have you been listening to DARE TO DREAM??
I'm getting high tension-ed.
For those who are worried... what have you worried?
For those who purchased it!  Thank you very much!
I was able to complete the album because there are people who years for it.
Thank you very much!
There's also a news from Miyu Irino

I will be taking a temporary break after the solo live on January 2017!!
I'm studying abroad, which I've been thinking about it for a while.

I've been getting interested in foreign life and entertainment.
What I lack and looking for is clear as I getting experienced it.
As I experienced more and more that feeling got stronger.

I've talked to the agency for few years and I keep getting the reply of "not now, not now".
I cannot keep asking for the situation... or I cannot move forward.
Having the determination is needed.
I'm writing this in heavy meaning, but what I have is purely just "I just want to go and try".
I've been yearning to meet lots of people.
I also want to learn something I don't know like the language and acting.
There's no choice of not going.
If I have to go, sooner the better.
After several talking over, we got a conclusion of the period I have to go!
This came true because many people's help.
I believe even my feeling is incomplete in reaching there.

What I can say is...
This is the "trip" to the current activity and the activity in the future.

I might come back earlier than everyone thinks. (laugh)
I'm getting embarrassed talking about it seriously.  I will go and come back quickly.
Don't worry. (laugh)

To be able to become the bridge to anime, acting, song, and the unknown.
Improving everyday.
Going pass genre and fence!
That's seriously "DARE TO DREAM" for sure
There's no doubt about it!

Thank you to those who pushed my back regarding to studying abroad, those who supported me
Also fans!!
Thank you very much!!

For now I try my best in the live.
So that many people can listen to these songs!
To get to know Miyu Irino!
To broaden my and everyone's world!
I need everyone's power!

Let's aim higher!

I will say many times.

Listen to my songssss!!
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